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Wednesday, 10.01.2014, 03:59am (GMT)
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Demach pou antre elektwonik pi fon nanòganizasyon eleksyon an Ayiti
Friday, 09.26.2014, 11:00am

Transmisyon rezilta eleksyon elektwonik, enskripsyon kandida, obsèvatè, jounalis sou Entènèt : direksyon egzekitif Konsèy elektoral pwovizwa a anonse, l ap fèdemach pou antre elektwonik la pi fon nan eleksyon ki gen pou fèt an Ayiti nan yon dat ki poko fikse. Direktèegzekitif Kep a, Mosler Georges, ap esplike :
…………GOTSON : Nan 5 pwochèn ane yo, sistèm entèlijans atifisyèl yo kapab sanble kou de gout dlo ak entèlijans imen, dapre enfòmasyon ki fèk tonbe, Harold. HAROLD : Efektivman Gotson, Dapre (...)

Arrestation de l'ancien commissaire divisionnaire et proche d'Aristide, Jean Anthony Nazaire
Arrestation de l'ancien commissaire divisionnaire et proche d'Aristide, Jean Anthony Nazaire
Demach pou Leta ayisyen bay paspòelektwonik
Des parlementaires US appellent au vote de l'amendement de la loiélectorale
Le Conseil de l'Ordre des avocats de Port-au-Prince dénonce des dérives dans les pratiques judiciaires, dont l'assignationàrésidence de Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Elections : Mensonges et Vérités !
Le Barreau des avocats de Port-au-Prince dénonce des dérives dans les pratiques judiciaires, dont la mesure d'assignationàrésidence prise contre l'ex-président Aristide
Le Palais National cesse officiellement d'assurer la sécuritéde Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Archivex Haiti News
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Friday, 04.26.2013, 03:30pm
Le 26 Avril 1963 est sans équivoque une date macabre dans l’histoire de notre pays. En temps que très jeune témoin et victime de cette journée d’horreur je comprends l’indignation de ceux qui ont voulu partager leur émotion telle qu’ils (elles) l’ont vécu. Cependant, pour comprendre l’ampleur du drame il importe d’en remonter à sa [...]
What is a good ending to an essay about Haiti’s health and living environment?
Q&A: Who else thinks Pat Robertson is an A*Hole for his Haiti Earthquake statement?
Q&A: What are some ways that other countries have helped to save Darfur/Haiti?
How come the country of HAITI doesnt have its own section here on Y!A?
Since the earthquake in Haiti I have seen all the charities on my tv!? Even ones saying nothing about it?
what could i do for the people in Haiti?
Is labadee haiti a good vacation spot?
Q&A: Why was Fox News only major channel not broadcasting the Hope for Haiti fundraiser?
It’s been a year since the earthquake so are they they starting to rebuild in Haiti?
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Caribbean Island leaders in UN Assembly warn of real ruinous impacts of climate change
Tuesday, 09.30.2014, 06:56am

29 September 2014 - Spotlighting the"gathering and intensifying threat of global climate change"leaders from Caribbean Islands today warned the United Nations General Assembly that indifference, ...
Sea turtles find safe haven in Costa Rican national park
Should multinationals have say in national affairs Central Americans say no
On a mission Garrard family heads to Haiti to serve others
Durham gets taste of Caribbean
Ananda Alert activiated for Haitian teenager
Art exhibit celebrates Haitian culture
Police posted at home of former Haiti president
Jones among stars called up for Caribbean Cup qualifiers
Addressing Caribbean Communitys Social Development Needs Central to Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals Secretary-General Tells Leaders
Haiti on Yahoo
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On a mission Garrard family heads to Haiti to serve others
Sunday, 09.28.2014, 10:02am
Photo submittedLeah Cherven is surrounded by school children in Haiti. Cherven and her family are moving to Haiti to live and work as missionaries through Rio Global.
Police posted at home of former Haiti president
Haiti police unit posted at home of former President Aristide, prompting supporters to rally
Haiti calls for a reformed, strengthened UN at General Assembly high-level debate
Shipwreck near Haiti probably not long-lost Columbus ship
Haiti Courts Investors From Lazard to Carnival For Growth
Official: Wreck off Haiti likely not Columbus ship
Wreck off Haiti likely not Columbus ship, official says
Haiti official says evidence so far suggests wreck off north coast isn't Columbus ship
PH peacekeepers in Haiti return to base
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Caribbean Institutions Urge to Reduce Obesity
Thursday, 11.14.2013, 05:25am

Port of Spain, Nov 14 (Prensa Latina) Caribbean institutions are now working together in the region to reduce the causes that boost obesity, especially in children. On the occasion of the World Diabetes Day, which is commemorated today, the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and the Council for Trade and Economic Development of the Caribbean Community (Coted), agreed to implement strategies ...
Greater Caribbean established as first tourism zone in the world
Dominican Republic resort awarded green certification
Dominican Republic’s lame duck deputy mayors smack of “reverse feminism”
Haitian thugs fire at border town Police patrol make death threats
SHARON KENNEDY Join us for Haitian culture and stories on Nov. 15
Haiti Philippines Pakistan Hardest Hit by Weather Extremes in 2012
Dutch royal couple visits St. Maarten as part of official Caribbean tour
Casa de Campo to host 2014 Dominican Republic Open Championship
In the Caribbean sea-level limbo could affect tourist hot spots
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